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Creator of Emotive Agility Training
Berit Elizabeth

Berit is on a mission to cultivate wellness, empowerment, and leadership by shining a spotlight on the science of body language and the power it holds to transform our emotions, guide successful conversations and build meaningful relationships.

Berit Elizabeth specializes in the link between body language and emotional intelligence. She loves empowering people – especially women – to tap into the underrated power of body language to transform any situation and one’s own sense of self.

After having vocal surgery at the age of 19, Elizabeth was forced to become self-conscious of her body language in every moment. In recovering her voice, it became crystal clear to her that emotional habits that don’t serve us well can be re-patterned through physical training, and she developed Emotive Agility Training.

She studied theatrical directing and social psychology at Carnegie Mellon and New York University and has traveled the world to study embodied actor training techniques. She also ran her own personal training business before becoming COO of a group of fitness clubs, and she is certified in emotional intelligence assessment. She coaches individuals and speaks to organizations on how to leverage the power of physical presence during difficult conversations and presentations.

Berit Elizabeth has spoken on Emotive Agility at Wharton Business School and UMass Donahue Institute and has developed emotive agility programming for preschoolers and adolescents. She is developing tools for teachers and therapists to use the Emotive Agility Training process to promote social-emotional learning and mental wellness with their students and clients.

  • Learn simple body language skils to enhance your presence, leave a great first impression and increase confidence in any situation.
  • Tackle the drama of everyday life by learning theater techniques to reduce anxiety so you can be your true & authentic self under pressure.

Berit Elizabeth is a certified Body Language Trainer and Emotive Agility ® Coach. Though she has always loved being on stage, Berit is most interested in the tackling the drama of everyday life. Her signature process uncovers the art of performing one’s true self during stressful conversations and presentations. For over a decade, Berit has coached individuals on training the extension of the mind we call the body. She also leads corporate trainings on emotional intelligence and the under-leveraged power of body language to enhance our presence, leave great first impressions, and approach our work and personal lives with increased confidence.

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