5 years ago a client asked me if we could walk for their session, as a way to think more clearly in the fresh air, to ground herself, and to be in a growth-inspiring-forward-movement.

I have been doing walk therapy ever since.

Barefoot or not, the benefits are a plenty.



Your healing begins outdoors where together we focus on your emotional, physical and spiritual health.
Some people find it more helpful walking side by side instead of sitting across from their therapist. Walk Therapy allows people to feel more comfortable opening up.

Join Pamelah on an hour-long walk in the greater East Longmeadow area, (your choice, but Pam can offer many options) for Therapy/Life Coaching while you BREATHE in fresh air, and get healthy.

5 reasons Walk Therapy is for you:

1. You want more physical activity and need encouragement and accountability.

2. You feel stuck and disconnected from people.

3. You have trouble sitting still and would rather be moving.

4. You need someone to give you a different perspective.

5. You want to make changes in your life but don’t know where to begin.

Call Pamelah to set up your Walk Therapy Sessions TODAY!!
Most insurances Accepted.

“It’s an active way to get help and talk about your problems.”
Anonymous Client

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The Warming Tree Wellness Centre

The Warming Tree Wellness Centre