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If you can figure out the cause of your job stress, then you can try to find a cure for it

Here are some possible causes:

  • Overwork: When you are engaged in a big project at your job, you may have to spend long hours at the office or take work home with you. If it happens infrequently, that probably isn’t a problem. However, if you regularly have to work late or continue to work from home after hours, you may begin to feel stressed out.
  • Impending Layoffs: Fears that you are going to lose your job at any moment can cause job stress. According to the Stress in America Survey, job instability was the eighth greatest cause of job stress among respondents.
  • Being in the Wrong Career: If your career isn’t a good match for your personality type, aptitudes, work-related values and interests, you are unlikely to be satisfied with it. That is why it is so important to take these things into consideration when you are choosing a career.
  • Working in a Job That is Wrong For You: It is stressful to work for an employer that doesn’t fully utilize your skills and talents. It is also trying when you don’t have the skills to do your job well. You should try to make sure a job is a good fit for you before you accept an offer.
  • Conflict With Your Boss or Co-workers: Good workplace relationships are important. They can get you through some of the most difficult days on the job. Likewise, bad ones can make you miserable even when your job is good in most other ways.

Managing Your Job Stress

There are things you can do to help lessen your job stress once you are aware that it is becoming  a problem. 

Schedule one on one sessions with Pamelah Stevens, LMHC to brainstorm, process and problem solve any of the above-mentioned issues.

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The Warming Tree Wellness Centre

The Warming Tree Wellness Centre