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Pamelah Stevens, LMHC & Associates

The future of counseling. Studies have shown that therapy over the phone is as effective, more intimate, and as beneficial as routine face to face therapy. With an experienced phone therapist you get the help you need.  Because you get to use our services on your time and from wherever you choose, no one ever has to know. Convenience, ease, and privacy.

Option 1:

STEP 1: You ask me any question you like about a problem you’re having. 

STEP 2: I’ll read it, strategize my very BEST solution, and then…

STEP 3: I’ll personally record you an audio message with my very best strategy to solve your problem. I’ll e-mail you the recording within 5 business days (and often within 24 hours).

I guarantee that my audio message will be in plain simple English, and jam packed with useful, practical advice that you can apply right away – the absolute best strategy I can offer you.

It’s the fastest, most efficient way for you to get over a hurdle you’ve been struggling with.

Option 2:

Schedule a 50 minute session with me live.

By voice or text.  You can be anywhere in the world and access my support and suggestions.  Just find a quiet and private spot for yourself, and await my call, at the exact time we have scheduled, and according to your time zone.  Insurance and credit cards accepted.


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The Warming Tree Wellness Centre

The Warming Tree Wellness Centre