A Look Back At My 2015 Bucket List by Pamelah Stevens

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I am one of those individuals that likes to write out “to do” lists for myself to keep organized, prioritized, and accountable. Many psychologists strongly believe that people are more likely to achieve their goals if they are written down. In the work I do as a Therapist/Life Coach I like to utilize structure and accountability, as much as my clients will allow and as long as it works for them. (http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200307/the-goals-guide-us).

A Yearly Bucket List typically will contain ideas, experiences, achievements that are worthy of a passionate discussion with a friend and can range from simple items like eat a slice of spam, shave my head, etc… to once in a lifetime experiences like set a world record, etc… and everything in between.

The idea is to not overwhelm yourself or get too serious about this. Do what is feasible and don’t expect perfection. Know that you can change your mind, road bumps can appear, and what made sense then may not now. Basically, have fun with it, don’t jump ship just because parts may be hard, and just notice/don’t judge what you do instead, if you miss a goal.

Here is a review of my 2015 Bucket List. I managed to accomplish 60-70% of it! 🙆🏻🙆🏻🙆🏻
I knew I had signed up to a sh%*tload of fun/challenging things to do, so I’m not disappointed. I actually added things that were fun, and I made happen, as well.

Bucket List 2015

Education/Work Enhancement

Get certified in The Gottman Method of couples counseling 👍
Get Counseling license for Connecticut 👎
Write one Blog Article a month 👍 (with the help of hired bloggers)
Complete MIT Entrepreneurial Training 1&2 👍

Home Improvements

Redo our kitchen 👎
Create a 4-season porch👎
Fence in our backyard 👎
Build a deck with a hot tub 👎

👍Instead we bought a different place, with more of what we were looking for.


Enter 4-5k running races a year 👍 ran 2 out of 4-played more racquetball
Go hiking with JD, Hadleigh, friends/family 👍 Hike an hour daily
Enter Tough Mudders New England 👎 maybe in 2016

K-9 Pursuits

Dog Training 👍 more to come this year
Get a four-legged friend for Hadleigh 👍


Learn to Knit a sweater 👎 did knit half a scarf!
Attend 1 day meditation retreat 👍
Attend Ice Cutting Demo at Suffield Historical Society 👍
Get involved with Loaves & Fishes Soup Kitchen 👍 found one similar in Stafford

Travel/Quality time with Family

Go skiing in Taos NM 👍
Visit the Quebec City Hotel de Glacé 👍
Cruise to the Bahamas with the Dresser Klan 👍
Visit Red Woods by train and foot 👎

Also, not originally on my List

👍Spent a weekend in Freeport, Maine with Emily, Pearson and John

👍Had a Summer Housewarming/Puppy Welcoming BBQ

👍Made it to the First Patriots AFC Championship Game with Dresser Father & Son

👍Made it to the Last Patriots game in Foxboro in the 2014 Season (in Jan 2015) with Dresser Father & Son.

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