Quieting the Ego in a Relationship by Farnoosh Brock

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If you really – I mean really! – want a peaceful, loving, joyful and happy relationship as a couple, if you want to learn how to stop arguing for good, then the first step is to admit this desire loud and clear to yourself and to your significant other. That’s the easy step.

The next step is the game changer and the cure to ending arguments: You have got to (quiet) your ego.

That’s it. That’s the big cure that works every single time. You cannot take your giant ego into a peaceful loving relationship. It Simply Doesn’t Work.

Either the ego is (softened) or any chance of a happy peaceful loving relationship goes. The choice, sweet darling, is yours and yours alone.

The sooner you get this, the quicker your glorious life will begin to unfold before you. And you want that, don’t you? Don’t You? I know you do …

Your ego wants the opposite of what makes you happy.

Here’s everything that is wrong with your ego and everything that begins to happen when you KILL OFF your ego in your relationship and tune into your heart and soul:

1. Your ego wants to be right. You want to be happy.

2. Your ego wants to blame someone. You want to get rid of blame and replace it with compassion.

3. Your ego wants to “show the other person”. You want to show the other person love and kindness.

4. Your ego wants to make you feel more important in a relationship. You want to make the other person feel important.

5. Your ego wants to make you stand on a podium and preach. You want to sit at a table next to your significant other.

6. Your ego wants loud justification. You want peace, love and serenity.

7. Your ego mocks happiness as a “fluffy” pursuit. You take your happiness and that of your significant other pretty darn seriously.

8. Your ego does not care about your heart. You want to follow and listen to your heart.

9. Your ego wants to rule the relationship. You want to be an equal partner in the relationship.

10. Your ego cares only about yourself. You care about the other person as much as about yourself.

11. Your ego wants to be right. You want to be happy. (Yes I do realize I am repeating this last line from the first line but it’s that important to remember!!!)

So next time you feel your muscles tensing up, your beautiful smile fading away, and your anger resurfacing, remember that it’s not the real you because you are a perfectly lovable and loving soul, it is your ego that has come back to ruin the peace. The only question is this; Are you going to let it?

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