10 Reasons To See A Dietician by Sheila Bray

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People are often confused as to why it may benefit them to see a registered dietitian (RD) or have the impression that they will be put on a “diet.” Sure, certain medical conditions warrant specific guidelines to keep your health in check – but our job as dietitians is to guide you in learning more beneficial ways of eating. Below are just a few of the many ways a dietitian may be of help to you or your loved ones!

1. You want to try or just started going …

Thinking about going on a vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or paleo diet? Make sure you get a healthy dose of advice before starting or make sure all of your nutritional bases are covered now!

2. You have constant stomach woes.

Whether you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or inflammatory bowel disease (colitis, crohn’s), an RD can educate on what is helpful to eat and when, as these can be quite tricky, and painful! These conditions can be very specific to each person and a dietitian can aid in identifying trigger foods & situations – and help provide you with some relief!

3. The media’s nutrition messages have left you utterly confused.

The constantly changing messages about food from the media can be mind boggling – and even influence our eating habits. Set any questions straight with some scientific, evidenced based info.

4. You have high cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar…

You may know what to eat, but it’s just too hard to stay on that restrictive diet. A dietitian can work with you in producing small changes, with a resultant big impact on your health. Whether your diagnosis is new or old, having an RD to keep you motivated & accountable will help you to stay on track with your goals!

5. You or your loved one has an eating disorder.

A dietitian plays a critical role as a treatment team member in counseling those suffering with eating disorders. An RD will assess your nutritional status & needs and determine a healthy weight for you, in addition to creating and updating your individualized meal pattern. Some of the many ways an RD may work with you are on intuitive eating, dispelling myths, providing education on metabolism & how food effects your body & weight, and encouraging a variety of food choices.

6. The “picky eating” stage in your child went beyond childhood.

Your older child or adolescent may still be a “picky eater” and the kitchen remains a battleground. A dietitian is a crucial part of the team in determining nutritional status & needs, and strategizing meal & feeding ideas to put you at ease.

7. You don’t have an ideal relationship with food & your body.

Eating can and should be a pleasurable experience! Learn some mindful eating techniques in order to have a more positive connection.

8. You are generally healthy and don’t drink milk, sun bathe or eat red meat.

Many people are at risk for nutrient imbalances or deficiencies – even if we’re trying to be healthy! Among the most common in the US are Vitamin B6, Iron, and Vitamins D & C. Learn if you may be lacking in a nutrient and problem solve the best ways to fit some in to your day!

9. You think your eating habits are contributing to fatigue & not feeling like your best self.

Understand how food choices impact your mood & energy levels. An RD can assist you in establishing & maintaining a pattern of healthy eating.

10. You were diagnosed with Celiac disease or a food allergy or sensitivity.

Now what? Your doctor just gave you the news or you’ve been trying to navigate on your own. Get some guidance on restaurant dining, label reading, resources and meal & recipe suggestions – you don’t have to do it alone!

Dietitian Counseling with Sheila:

I am passionate about helping others get optimal enjoyment & nutrition out of the foods that they eat. Contact me if you would like assistance in achieving your health goals!

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