The Next 50 Years ? I Choose Life ! by Pamelah Stevens

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My mother died of breast cancer, 4 years ago, so I tried to avoid all things related to it. But naturally it haunted me.

A few months ago a client started talking about her genetic disposition for Breast Cancer, and that’s what planted the seed. Shit!  At age 54 I dragged myself in for my first mammogram. They found something minuscule initially, then retested. At 7mm they suggested a lumpectomy with radiation and maybe chemo.

Genetic testing showed Negative, but I still debated getting a mastectomy to stop all the worrying. Just chop them off and be done with it, but cancer is not that stupid. At the same time I was doing a lot of research on alternative treatments. I found the Breast Cancer Alternatives Facebook page, and Cancerucan there as well.  Many very hopeful testimonies and tons of resources there. The people in that group are now adopted as my extended family, as I found so much love and understanding amongst them.  I told them before anyone else (minus my partner), because I wanted no judgement about my choices. I wanted to focus on building my immune system, shrinking the tumor and preventing further growth. I could only do this by zeroing in on my own self-healing with people who get what it really takes on a proactive level.

From there I learned about Chris Wark-, and Ty Bollinger, Both huge resources, and 1,000 of examples of folks who have beat cancer with a radical change in lifestyle-(physically, nutritionally, emotionally, mentally, spiritually). Some integrate conventional, some try alternative after all else fails, and others begin and end with alternative.

I knew I was not going to do radiation or chemo after tons of confirmation about the destructive side effects. And instead I have cut out all refined foods, sugars, bad carbs, dairy, soy, alcohol, and consume very little meat (grass fed, nongmo, organic, etc). This was not hard to do since I was now left with fewer choices – A FAST TRACK TO DEATH VIA POOR DIET (especially those foods that are like candy to cancer) or choose LIFE.   The results of the surgery showed no further signs of cancer!!

I now eat mostly vegan, organic, juiced, raw, salad-type, or steamed fruits and veggies.  I do coffee enemas to detox my liver at least 3x a week. I take supplements known to reduce tumors, and prevent the spread of cancer. D3, iodine, pomiT, cal/mag, fish oil, vit C. Since I am estrogen and progesterone receptive (my type of breast cancer) I take DIM-a plant-based supplement that supports estrogen balance. Much of the food I eat does the same. I eat apricot seeds, a high source of vit B17, another cancer reducing substance. Along with Green tea, broccoli sprouts, ginger, turmeric, which are all strong cancer fighters as well.

Exercise is equally as important-3-4x/week moderately. I take a 2 mile walk every morning, and am getting back into racquetball and running once I heal from the lumpectomy.

Next I will be firing my Oncologist, since she is suggesting tamoxifen, to address the hormonal part (known risk of ovarian cancer, as one side effect). I will be seeing a naturopathic Integrative Oncologist on March 29th to be sure the ER/PR part of my breast cancer doesn’t cause a return. And with ongoing blood tests to determine the absence of any new cancer growth, I should be able to monitor it well, while remaining on the protocol that helps me.

My mother died from complications with chemo-pneumonia. She had breast cancer and radiation in her 40’s. In her 70’s it returned 10-fold to her spine, stomach, and lymph nodes. They bullied her into chemo, and she died with the first round. She new nothing about diet or lifestyle change effecting cancer, no one explains it at the Dr’s office, and there are tons of protocols that prevent Doctors from studying nutrition, or discussing it with patients. I vowed never to go out that way, and realize now, there will never be a need to.

If any of this is helpful to you and you would like more support and answers, please don’t hesitate to email or pm me on Facebook.

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